Full service offered at your doorstep.

Goldspoke is a mobile bike repair service based in Tacoma, Washington. We are licensed, insured, and stand by our work.

We are certified to offer top-tier repair work whether it’s a full-custom frame build, or basic maintenance to keep you pedaling year-round.

Mobile Service

Goldspoke is mobile and conveniently offers full services in your driveway.

We do everything from basic tunes and assembling new bikes, to pro frame builds and overhauls.

We work on commuters, hybrids, road and gravel bikes, mountain bikes, most e-bikes, and everything in between.

Personalized Bike Maintenance Class

One of our goals is to empower cyclists to feel confident in the basic maintenance and cleaning of their bikes. We offer one-on-one classes to teach you the basics of your personal bicycle. We want to help you understand how your bike works and how to keep it running smoothly, so you can spend more time riding and less time at the shop.

your bike loves you.